"Through the cracks
there was light"

FTGP: “From The Ground Up” is a convergence of local community stakeholders and artists led by Ann Street Gallery Artist Researcher in Residence, Jean-Marc Superville Sovak. The project brings Superville Sovak’s creative research and practice together with community members dedicated to imagining, rendering, and presenting collaboratively designed visions for remembering and honoring African- Americans buried in, and disinterred from, Newburgh’s “Colored Burial Ground” through conversation and the arts.

These amorphous shapes were conjured from the site. I allowed the energies to channel through me and transfer them onto paper through my brush. I envisioned energetic fields of shapes circulating and moving hidden within the darkness and cracks of light around the site. From the ground up, through the cracks there was light, they were found, exhumed, and set free, at last. This is what I am depicting in this work, this is what I conjured and channeled from the site.