Michelle’s interdisciplinary practice delves into the interplay of dark and light through multimedia works on paper, and moving visuals. Core themes such as self-representation, time, place, and infinity often serve as the foundation of her work. Beginning with an empty mind, she delves into negative space, allowing for spontaneous expression. Through this unconscious act, she shapes spatial landscapes and amorphous forms, facilitating a transcendence from conventional narratives.


Interdisciplinary artist based in New York. Her artistic exploration revolves around the interplay of dark and light through multimedia, works on paper, and moving visuals. Through an interdisciplinary practice, Michelle’s oeuvre Investigates self-representation, time, place, and infinity. 

Michelle primarily utilizes rice paper and dark Sumi-e painting techniques, highlighting negative space, as a way to deconstruct the human psyche from the dualities and perceptions of time and place. 

Michelle pursued design at Parsons School of Design in 2010 and currently runs her creative agency, MCCreative. In 2016 she undertook five years of Sumi-e training with Koho Yamamoto in Soho, New York City. Michelle has resided in Newburgh for the past five years.

Michelle has participated with the Ann Street Gallery and Safe Harbors of the Hudson Fellowship: June – November 2023, and shown work with two other cohorts for the Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition; Re: Manifest, which was in an exhibition from September 16th to October 31st, with artist talks at 12:30 on both on Newburgh Open Studios through September 30, October 1st, the research and work placed a special emphasis on the cohorts exploring narratives aside or sub-current to those formally acknowledged by art historians, especially practices that foster an active exchange with local organizations and communities and are rooted in their value as cultural producers to unearth historical events, honor their ancestors, and explore places in the Hudson Valley to reclaim narratives that have been overlooked, forgotten, or ignored.

Michelle is actively expanding her artistic endeavors as she delves into various aspects of her practice, including film, moving visuals, audiovisuals, and landscapes.

curriculum vitae

2002 | (Digital film Group exhibition), Arts and Technology School, Long Island City, NY
2017 | Performer at Qinza Najm Art performance #Bannomore, White Box Gallery, NY
2017 | 776 Gallery Open Studios, Brooklyn NY
2017 | Art Panel participant, NYC Creative Salon, New York, NY
2017 | ARTVEER, curator, Cubico, Soho NY
2019 | Wall Mural, Queens NY
2021 | Newburgh Open Studios, Newburgh NY
2023 | Newburgh Open Studios, Newburgh NY

2023 | Ann Street Gallery, and Safe Harbors of the Hudson Fellowship: June – Nov 2023
2023 | Ann Street Gallery, NY
Re:Manifest; Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition
2023 | Ann Street Gallery, Safe Harbors on the Green, Collective Re:Manifesting
A Community Engagement on Indigenous People’s Day
2023 | Unison Arts, Group Show, “Joy”, New Paltz, NY
2024 | From the Ground UP, Group Art Show, Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh NY


Parson’s The New School of Design | 2010


Ann Street Gallery | Safe Harbors of the Hudson Fellowship | June – Nov 2023


2016 | Sumi-e Society Metro, New York, NY
2017 | Art Panel Participant, NYC Creative Salon, New York, NY